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Bringing the virtual into the real world. Or bringing the real world deeply into wholly virtual realms.

📱Test to conceptualize what advertising for a smartphone might look like as a pass-through mixed reality / augmented reality experience. 👓Spatial media (VR/AR) experimentation⚔️⚙️ ❓ Curious about the reflection? See #6 of my Medium post to see how it's done! 📲Follow for more awesomeness:
😲Found this massive can of Red Bull! But did I rly?? 👓AR/MR experiment for something more complex⚔️⚙️ ❓ Environment reflection map powered by an Insta360 Nano on a monopod obscured by the CG can of Red Bull 📝Want to learn more about this technique?
Mixed Reality Experiments with Dynamic Lighting of CG elements using 360 video 🔥. BB8, our favorite Droid from Star Wars serves as my guinea pig :D Follow me on Instagram: Got more questions? Drop em below. Found this useful? Smash that like button and subscribe for more dope/insightful content!