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Harness the Power of Interactive 360/VR in Medicine, Today... 

We work with VR technology partners, medical device companies and hospitals to showcase bleeding edge facilities, surgery techniques and medical device innovations in 360/VR.

Cinematic VR Quality for Medicine & Enterprise

Leveraging our cinematic VR and visual effects background, we capture and deliver seamlessly stitched multi-view 360° content at a 6K resolution, ensuring your content is of high fidelity and future proofed in this fast evolving medium. We use the latest in live monitoring solutions to ensure we get the perfect shot before we've even left the set.

Imaginfinity is one of the few independent VR studios capable of providing high quality stereoscopic 3D capture services, whether it's full stereo 360°, stereo 180° or something in between. We work with our clients and partners to identify the best capture and post-production stack for their specific needs. 

Passive vs Interactive 360/VR - Best of Both Worlds

Going beyond the traditional 360° video approach, we deliver our projects in a robust interactive framework, allowing you switch between 3 or more unique vantage points dynamically, enabling you to get an upclose look the action, while noting the remarkable teamwork between doctors, nurses and techs required to operate at the highest levels.

Given our hybrid approach, we're also able to take volumetric or 3D data sets and combine it seamlessly with 360° degree footage.

Interactive 360/VR is ideal for promotional and training purposes, maximizing reach, minimizing deployment costs compared to game-engine VR. It's truly a best of both worlds approach. 

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If you're a hospital or medical device company interested in creating interactive 360/VR content, please contact us at - we'd be happy to discuss and deliver a tailored solution to you in concert with our VR technology partners.